The Film Small Circle of Attention tells a story about Premek, an older well-respected theater actor. He’s trying to behave similar like his characters are: to be moral and honest. Premek suddenly falls in love with younger female colleague from theater and because of this life-long philosophy, he’s taking his feelings very serious. Premek is married many years, too. His wife is ill: she’s got diabetes. She has to use insulin several times each day. At least, Premek is feeling kind of basical duty to assist her.
Premek is fighting with his own feelings to his new young colleague. He’s trying to ignore her and on the other hand to remember again moments on happiness he had in past with his wife. Through this remembering he’s forcing himself to make stronger again his marrige. His son has similar relationships problems and Premek searching for the right way how to behave. Finally, Premek is getting rid of his feelings to young colleague. But unexpected reversal is comming.
Small Circle of Attention is an intimate psycholigical story. It is FAMU Department of Directing graduate film and has been created in coproduction with Czech Television. Running time of film is 25 minutes, year 2011. Small Circle of Attention was announced as a Finalist of Magnesia Award for Best Student Film 2011 by Czech Film and Television Academy.