Another strong film and Magnesia Award nominee on the DVD is titled Malý okruh pozornosti (Small Circle of Attention) and stars Miroslav Krobot, who has won recent acclaim as the lead in Alois Nebel, as an actor whose theory of acting works much better on stage than when applied to his personal life. The film is a series of short but intense scenes that develop a complicated and difficult family situation.
Michael Stein

Story is written very carefully, with a tension and hidden link of secret, which author shows to spectator at the very last moment of the film. This is how, I think, it should be in good films. I treasure Tuka's very surprising knowledge of relationships and human characters which are more than 20 years older than he himself. I'm positively valuating director's mature work with great actors (in leading part with Miroslav Krobot), they are nature and without any kind of troubles in all, especially in complicated, psychological scenes.
Vít Olmer
Film director and FAMU tutor